Our Philanthropy

Our PhilanthropyWe are spiritual folks.  We are reflective, thoughtful, and grateful for the enormous blessings that we continue to receive.

With this in mind, we are interested in creative philanthropy.  Through our founder's philanthropic entity -- The A. G. Newmyer III Foundation -- as well as directly, we try to maximize the impact of our limited capacity by doing innovative and interesting things.

At the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, we underwrote a program to bring to the museum film stars whose screen roles and other experiences enhanced their interest in genocide.

At the Palm Beach Day Academy, we created the Newmyer Institute for Innovative Teaching to facilitate teacher training in cutting-edge capabilities that can be shared, first regionally and then nationally and globally. 

In western Maine, we are working with the Rangeley Lakes Heritage Trust -- a formidable stewardship group -- to build a pavilion that can shelter from bad weather kids in the Trust's summer camp, and can be used during other hours for programs that will educate and entertain.

We wish that we had more money to give away.  Since we have to be careful, we are not passive donors.  We work closely with organizations like those above to be sure that positive outcomes are achieved and not just discussed.  And we try to work with groups where our funding can make a real difference.