ConsultingOur consulting activities generally fall into two baskets. 

First, Mr. Newmyer serves as an independent fiduciary for a number of high-net worth families and their entities.  He often is named trustee but sometimes carries other titles.  This activity stems from his role as founder in 1999 of U. S. Fiduciary Advisors, LLC, a network of seasoned individuals willing to serve as trustee that is headquartered in the Washington area.  For further details, please click on

After selling U. S. Fiduciary Advisors to a colleague in the past decade, Mr. Newmyer has continued to run its Florida operations.  In addition to serving as a fiduciary, he meets with potential clients to analyze their needs and conducts searches to find the right individual to serve.

Second, Mr. Newmyer works with a small core group of other consultants on public positioning and media/branding strategies.  This activity stems from his role as president of Newmyer Associates, Inc., also headquartered in the Washington area, which had a similar focus prior to its sale in 1992.

In situations where client entities are closely-held and where clients perceive the need for a long-term relationship, we prefer to be compensated in stock or some other form of participation rather than with traditional fee arrangements.